but in the end it doesn't even matter

Let's take a moment in this pointless blog post that nobody even reads anyway to talk about how sad it is that Chester Bennington hung himself. I have listened to Linkin Park since I was in my teenage years. I remember when I first heard their album Meteora and fell in love with alternative style music. They were the gateway to my emo loving music time of my life. They opened me up to Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco and so many more artists. I used to suffer from depression for many years. I had times in my life where I just wanted to end all the pain I was feeling and their music helped me deal with a lot of those feelings. The ironic part is that it didn't do the same thing for him. I know he suffered from depression and abuse in his life that ultimately contributed to his decision to end his life. The only thing I feel like I can do is just pray for his family and children. The world loss an angel and hopefully he is happier now and at peace. I hope things are less heavy for you Chester. Rest in peace.

On a happier note, Kecia at Parisfalls made this layout for me. The colors are from Melinda at Mascara. I really think it came out really nice. I was getting kind of bored of my old theme and wanted something a little richer. There are lots of new updates to the site as well. I plan on adding more site model cutouts soon. I am just waiting for my orders to come back so I can add them but everything else is done. Also, a big thank you to Kayla at Loveblush. Without her tutorials and help I would not be even know half the crap I know to even run this site. So thank you Kayla for all your hard work! Also a big thank you to Bear at Mocha and Sammi at Cyclone for a lot of the content that was added in this update. If you haven't seen I also have a new stylesheet from Mckenzie at Lovechant. He is making a lot of my stylesheets lately and will continue to do most of them in the future. He is definitely one talented little fellow like danggg boiiii fuck me up with this perfect coding. SLAYYYY MEEEEE. So thank you to everyone & also thank you for visiting my little site. Yes, you. Bless your face. Enjoy the new content!